Room for a little one?

19 players in a Chevrolet Aveo

Leighton Buzzard Rugby Club and Grovebury Cars squeeze 19 players into a Chevrolet Aveo!

The players at Leighton Buzzard Rugby Club are aiming to prove that size isn’t everything in a bid to win new kits for their team. Taking part in a national competition, an amazing 19 members of Leighton Buzzard Rugby Club squeezed themselves into a brand new Chevrolet Aveo thanks to local Chevrolet dealer, Grovebury Cars.

Room for a little one?

The rules of the competition are simple – the rugby club with the most team players inside the car, with the doors closed, wins new rugby kits for the entire team – the previous record had been set by 17 rugby players at another club in the UK – so determined to rise to the challenge Leighton Buzzard Rugby Club proved there always is room for one more...

George Viscogliosi, Sales Manager at Grovebury Cars said: “Everyone had a really good laugh and the weather was beautiful. We didn’t think we could beat the previous record but we did it! We really enjoyed supporting our local rugby team and we really hope they win!”

The national competition to win the kits is open to all rugby teams across the country, but those taking part must be over 18, and league tables of teams and player numbers will be posted on Chevrolet UK’s Facebook page.

Teams can get involved until 31st December 2012, when the winning squad will be announced and their new kits awarded.

George Viscogliosi said: “It will be interesting to see how the other teams fair against our guys – 19 is a really big number and I think they are in with a real chance to take the kit home!”