New 63 Reg Available Now...

Cars available now with '63' plate!

New 63 Registration

As of the 1st September new cars will come on a 63 plate. This includes the whole of the Chevrolet and Kia range that we offer.

The current number plate system was introduced in 2001. Each reg plate has seven characters in a predefined format.

The format is as follows:

  • Local Memory Tag - This is 2 letters which indicate the registration office, I, Q and Z are not used as local office letters and Z can only be used as a random letter.
  • The two Digit age identifier is next, this changes twice a year, in March and September.
  • The three letter sequence is last, The letters I and Q cannot be used in the last 3 letters, combinations that appear offensive can also not be used. When new cars are registered, it is not uncommon to see similar cars with only one letter difference in the same area and even dealership.