Kia's Green Initiatives

Kia are going GREEN!

Kia are going green

Kia is planning a number of green initiatives in 2013 as part of it's commitment to put the environment at the front of it's business operations.

This does not just include lowering the fuel consumption and exhaust emissions of Kia vehicles. There will be steps in place to reduce consumption and waste across the whole of the life of Kia vehicles.

Kia's suppliers are being encouraged to adopt greener methods of production and Kia will implement further measures to make their own factories more environmentally friendly.

The transport used across the Kia company, including those used in the supply, manufacturing and distribution chains. Kia are also looking to increase the vehicles recycling when they reach the end of their life.

In 2012 Kia set up a green network which involved 68 environmental specialists to find ways in which Kia can make the factories greener. The specialists findings will be implemented during 2013.

Kia has achieved an impressive 23% reduction in waste in 10 years. Less than 1% of waste is taken to landfill, and Kia plans to reduce the amount of incinerated waste from 8.4% to 3% by 2016. More than 90% of waste from the three Korean plants is recycled.