Kia Picanto Halo Available Now

Kia Picanto Halo

Kia Picanto Halo available now from Grovebury Cars

Additional features on the Kia Picanto Halo

The Kia Picanto Halo has been based on the very popular Picanto model but with a few added quirky features such as:

  1. 14" alloy wheels
  2. Premium black and grey upholstery
  3. Heated front seats
  4. Bluetooth with voice recognition
  5. Reversing Sensors
  6. LED Daytime running Lights

The Kia Picanto Halo is a really eye catching vehicle, guaranteed to move heads as you drive through town.

The Kia Picanto Halo is also very economical with the 1.0 litre 68bhp manual engine achieving a comping MPG of 67.3 and fits in Band A for CO2 emissions. The slightly larger 1.25 litre 84bhp manual will achieveĀ a MPG of 60.1.