Kia Joins The STCC and Wins Their First Race

New Kia Touring Car

Kia STCC Touring Car

Kia joins the STCC with their brand new touring car.

Kia Joins the Scandanavian Touring Car Championship

Kia STCC Touring Car

One of our flagship brands, Kia have made their highest-profile racing programme to date by joining up with the Scandanavian Touring Car Championship for the first time this year.

With a three-car squad of Kia Optima's joining up with the STCC it's an exciting time for Kia. Kia Sweden are the prospective backers of a three year programme with the Kia Optima run by Brovallen Design, one of the leading touring car engineer and design companies in Sweden.

Kia Wins Their First Race

Kia STCC Touring Car

The first race took place on the 10th of May 2014 with the three Kia Optima's are driven by Andreas Wernersson and Mattias Lindberg, graduates of the Clio Cup and are joined by ex-Volvo driver Linus Ohlsson to make up the trio of drivers.

The first race took place at the Knutstorp ring in Sweden. The Kia team were victorious on their debut race with Mattias Lindberg the first driver over the finishing line.

The promising start certainly holds the Kia team in good stead for the rest of the season. We will be keeping a close eye on future races.