Introducing the new Mr Grovebury soft toy

The 2013 Mr Grovebury soft toy has arrived

Introducing Mr Grovebury

For nearly a decade we've been giving every customer who buys a new car from us a free Mr Grovebury to drive away with them. There have been many versions of our beloved mascot and he's been on a lot of adventures: getting married, having a child and even become a Lord!

Mr Grovebury is a bit mischievous; if we don't keep an eye on the keys for our demonstration models he'll take them out for a test drive!

The new 2013 Mr Grovebury

We've just received the brand new version of Mr Grovebury, pictured above.

The new Mr Grovebury is extra soft and fluffy, and stands at over a foot tall (16 inches.) Naturally he's safe for children to play with, and looks great in the back of a brand new Kia or Chevrolet.

How do I get a Mr Grovebury?

We give away a free Mr Grovebury with every new car purchased from one of our dealerships. The toys have become somewhat of a collectable, as we tend to change them each year. You'll see Mr Grovebury sitting in the back of our customers cars around Leighton Buzzard, Dunstable & Tring.

Check out our twitter feed for the latest adventures of Mr Grovebury around the country. If you have have any adventures with your Mr Grovebury we'd love to hear about them: tweet us and let us know!