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Brand New for 2016

2016 Mitsubishi ASX

The Mitsubishi ASX

Offering a mix of people carrier and 4x4 looks, the Mitsubishi ASX is honed with a recent facelift. The most important revision has been replacing the 1.8 diesel with a 1.6 turbo diesel to go alongside the 2.2 diesel and 1.6 petrol versions. The new engine is mechanically refined and the car is a relaxed motorway cruiser.

The new Mitsubishi ASX is solidly made and finished. Some of the engineering is more innovative than you would expect, the ASX has regenerative braking and plastic front wings that are lighter and resistant to minor dents. Equipment-wise the ASX features keyless entry and parking sensors as well as much more.

With a wheelbase to match the Outlander, passenger space is also generous offering flexible seating inside to give the ASX versatility for customers looking for a practical and enjoyable car.

Enhanced Safety Features

As well as a new look, the all-new Mitsubishi ASX also comes with several excellent safety features. In the event of the brake and accelerator pedals being pressed simultaneously, the engine ECU prevents unintended acceleration by giving priority to the braking operation.

The new ASX also offers several stability features including traction control and a four-wheel drive system meaning better grip on slippery surfaces and tough terrain.

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