Classic Chevy Auction in Nebraska

A collection of 50 year old Chevrolets was discovered in a Nebraska garage over the summer.

Chevrolet Auction

Chevrolet Auction in Nebraska

The Lambrecht family ran a dealership which opened in 1946 and they have assembled a collection of vintage automobiles, over 40 of which have less than 10 miles on the clock and are over 50 years old!

The dealership closed in 1996 and since then the vehicles have been completely shut away.
There is a Chevrolet Corvette Stingray with just 4 miles on the clock and a rare Chevrolet Cameo pickup with 1 mile on the clock.

The Lambrecht's collection of cars ran to over 500, although the majority were trade-ins which were left outdoors and gradually deteriorated. The 50 or so prized, low mileage vehicles were kept in excellent condition within the garage itself.

The family run business prided itself on generations of returning happy customers.
Ray Lambrecht is now 95 and his wife Mildred 92 and Ray claims to remember the story behind each car.

The vehicles were auctioned at the end of September.
The Chevrolet Cameo sold for $140,000.
Overall bids totalled $2.8 million.