Chevrolet - Europe's Most Connected Car

Chevrolet is one of Europe's Most Connected Car Brands

Since the MyLink system was introduced in Summer 2012, the ease of use from the Chevrolet MyLink system has won it many fans. This Autumn may see Chevrolet launch 2 further systems.

Chevrolet MyLink System

Chevrolet MyLink

The MyLink systems allows drivers to remain connected while on the move, Compared to other systems, it does so in a way that is intuitive and easy to use, while keeping drivers' eyes on the road and their hands on the wheel. The system works seamlessly with todays common handsets and is tailored to meet consumers needs and requirements.

MyLink system caters to needs of the user

Chevrolet MyLink

The MyLink is packed full of features to impress the modern connected consumer, whether you are looking at mirroring the functions of your smartphone or whether your looking to customise your individual ride experience, the MyLink does it all.

The MyLink system is built around either a 7 or 8 inch full colour touchscreen, Chevrolet MyLink's radio will allow access to your choice of media, Specialist apps all from your portable device. This includes your Phonebook, Music Playlists, Photo Galleries, and other data stored on your device. The MyLink system accepts input from MP3 Players, iPods, iPads, all of which can be connected via USB, Aux or Bluetooth.

The entry version of Chevrolet's MyLink technology is currently available on selected models of both the Chevrolet Aveo and Chevrolet Trax. It has the ability to store the pairing information of up to 5 smartphones simultaneously.

At the Frankfurt MotorShow, Chevrolet will be releasing another device which improves further on these features. This includes the implementation of an icon based menu, text to speech allowing users to hear the messages, a rear view camera will provide extra vision when carrying out reversing manoeuvres.

The new system will be offered to those purchasing a new Chevrolet Cruze or Chevrolet Orlando. Depending on trim level being purchased, the system may come complete with Sat Nav of all of Europe.

The MyLink is compatible with certain Apps

Chevrolet MyLink

The MyLink system allows users to access features of specialist apps, this includes a popular navigation application, BringGo. BringGo is currently available to buyers of the entry level MyLink system. BringGo can be purchased from both the Google Play store and the App store for a very reasonable £39.99.

Owners of compatible iPhone running iOS 6 can direct Siri, the handheld assistant, to perform a number of tasks while on the move, This includes voice activated calls, hands-free calls to contacts on the phone and play songs from iTunes library and access your calendar.

Tune In will allow you to listen live to local, international and internet radio or stream your favourite podcast right into your Chevrolet vehicle. Tune In allows access to 70,000 radio stations from all other the world.

Chevrolet MyLink connected radios will allow users to upgrade their device with specialised apps once they become available