Buying a Used Car

Buying a car is a major purchase for most people.
REMEMBER - When you buy a used car from a dealer you have much greater consumer protection than when buying from a private individual.

Used Car Dealership

Buying a Used Car

Here are a few tips to help remind you of the important things to look for when buying a used car.
Firstly-don't rush-take your time, you want to be happy with your decision.

Check the external bodywork for scrapes, dents or chips
Inspect the tyres for excessive wear
Check door and boot seals

Check upholstery and carpets for level of wear
Inspect seat belts and check return function is working
Try all lights, wipers, electric windows etc and ensure all are functioning
Open windows and bonnet and start the engine-listen for excessive noise or rattles whilst still 'cold'
Check that the oil light extinguishes rapidly, along with any other warning lights (air bags etc)
Inspect the exhaust for excessive smoke
Look around/under car for oil or water leaks
Check spare wheel and tyre in the boot
Look at the engine-check for leaks of oil or water

Test Drive
Always test drive a used car before purchase-if you are not permitted to drive it yourself ride as a passenger
Be alert for unusual vibrations, excessive noise, pulling of the vehicle to one side whilst running straight and also when braking

When buying a used car from a dealership such as Grovebury Cars you are protected by the Sale of Goods Act 1979
This states that the car must be
As described
Of satisfactory quality
Fit for purpose

If purchasing a used car from a private individual there is less consumer protection and the vehicle must only be 'as described' and unlike dealership sales, if there is a problem the responsibility lies with the buyer and not the vendor to ensure satisfactory quality and fitness for purpose.

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